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Petition: Public Comment of the Day

Feb 18, 2010

I ride my bicycle everywhere. Whether it's commuting to and from work, going to the store, or running errands. I've never owned a car, and have no need for one as I live in the city. I borrow a car from a friend if i need to move something big, but I'd be happy if they ditched their cars too. Join a car co - op!

I think it's a horrible idea to increase tax on bicycles... Let's encourage people to take more ACTIVE modes of transport. Cycling is more affordable, has less impact (both on "the environment" and our communities), it requires less infrastructure, it is less dangerous to other people, it is often quicker (especially downtown, or on trips <5km), it improves your health, etc etc.

I think raising taxes on bicycles is a big slap in the face to anyone seeking a more responsible mode of getting around.

Geoffrey V., Vancouver


Thank you for visiting squeakywheels.ca! I created this website to bring together cyclists from across BC who wanted to voice their opposition to the government’s decision to impose a new tax on cycling.

For almost thirty years, bikes (and bike expenses like repairs, helmets and locks) have been PST exempt. Why? Because successfive governments agreed it made no sense to tax such a healthy and environmentally-friendly form of transportation.

This rationale has only become stronger over time as we’ve learned more about the benefits of healthy living and the importance of reducing our carbon emissions. The more we can encourage people to ride bikes rather than drive cars, the better it is for everyone. It means less traffic congestion, less wear and tear on our roads and potentially lower health-care costs.

I wonder if the B.C. government can explain how jacking up the price of a bike is going to help make B.C. more sustainable or encourage people to make healthy lifestyle choices. How does this possibly advance B.C.’s Climate Action Plan?

A government that increases taxes on green transportation is traveling in the wrong direction.

I am of the view that we need to create incentives for green transportation and disincentives for more polluting forms of transportation. Standing up for cyclists as an Opposition MLA is one way that I can help keep the pressure on.

While we were unsuccessful in stopping the government from imposing the HST (on bicycles) we were part of a larger movement that has successfully kept alive the opposition to the HST.

Cyclists continue to argue that tax increases on green transportation options - like cycling - are a mistake. We are calling for provincial policy changes which will create incentives for people to choose greener ways to travel.

I will continue to make these arguments in and outside of the BC Legislature and I welcome your input and support.

Lana Popham
MLA Saanich South